Gemstone Myths and Lore Part 3

This is the third in a series of gemstone lore, A to Z. This issue's picks are:

QUARTZ: A wide variety of quartz in various colors can be found commonly. Many call clear or pointed quartz, just "crystals". Quartz has long been used throughout history by shamans and in religious ceremonies for their "so called" magical and mystical powers. Rose quartz, or pink quartz is quite commonly used to attract love, to help one show love, or anything having to do with beauty.
It has been found in tombs of Egypt, thought to be used as a beautification aid and often used in facial masks. Smokey quartz found in South America is said to hold an "earth" energy and is used for grounding one's energy. It is said to help with depression and negative emotions.

various types of quartz
RHODOCHROSITE: Discovered by the Incas, it was believed that the blood of ancient Inca rulers turned to stone in this form. It was long treasured by the people, and sometimes referred to as the "Rosa del Inca" or "Inca Rose". It can be used as a "rescue" stone, or to help guide love into one's life, or bring emotional happiness.

SODALITE: With a similar look to lapis lazuli, sodalite has been found in Egyptian tombs where one would expect lapis to be used. The Egyptian priests used this stone to rid one of guilt and fear, and to strengthen the mind.

SUGILITE: Another stone that is used for healing. Some say it brings psychic awareness to the user. Used for meditation, to increase awareness, and to gain wisdom. This stone was first discovered in Japan.

SUNSTONE: A stone that holds protective energy. Used in the Renaissance times by magicians. Set in gold and worn by them, they believed to be influenced by the power of the sun.

TIGER'S EYE: Another protective stone. Roman soldiers wore it. It was also carried for protection from any dangers. This stone is also associated with money, money spells, and attracting money.

TOPAZ: A stone associated with the sun, fire, and protective energy. In ancient Egypt it was used to symbolize Ra, the sun god, and believed to have very powerful energy. It was believed to have strong magnetic energies. It was sometimes placed under a pillow at night to prevent nightmares, calm stress, and recharge one's energy. Placed in the home, it was said to protect against fires and accidents.

TOURMALINE: The ancient Romans used tourmaline to help calm the mind and induce sleep. Watermelon tourmaline, that is pink and green can be worn to balance one's energies. Green tourmaline can be carried for protection, or used to attract money and business success.

TURQUOISE: Generally speaking, turquoise has had many uses throughout the ages. It has been called a lucky stone, Turkish stone, or "Turks' stone", a love stone, and a horseman's stone. In the Orient, a turquoise ring would be worn to protect against evil. The Indians of Mexico and the United States used turquoise to protect burial sites. It was used in many ceremonies when calling upon the "great spirit of the sky". It is a sacred stone to many American Indians. For use in love, it is worn or given to a loved one.

This concludes a 3 part series of gemstone myths and lore. This is just a short list, as many, many pages could be written. I hope you have enjoyed this fun look at gemstones.

NOTE: None of these claims have been proven medically. This article is only written for enjoyment and enrichment of the reader. The resources come from many years of personal study. Some resources include:
The Book of Sacred Stones by Barbara G. Walker
Stone Power by Dorothee L. Mella
Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem and Metal Magic by Scott Cunningham

To read more in this series, they can be found here:
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