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Rants and Raves

I didn't think I would blog today, or should I say, have to time or topic to blog about, but I do.
First of all, I went for a recheck on my foot Monday, they gave me another contraption to wear, which hurts my foot more, didn't do the ultrasound that I was suppose to have last week and want me to go to physical therapy. I wonder if our insurance company was charged for the ultrasound. They seem to be overwhelmed with patients and work at this practice. Not sure what I'll do.

I made 4 more pairs of earrings. No photos done yet. One of these pairs will be going into my Etsy shop. They are cute petite Hill Tribe silver earrings. Very dainty! I'm trying to make more stuff for the salon that wants me to bring in earrings, and trying to have enough items for shows that I'm doing. Next weekend I'll be doing a 2 day indoor event that I'm really looking forward to doing.

This morning went to the post office thinking that I only had to mail one package and to my great s…