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Styles continued:

I do have one friend at work, "Megan" who likes out of the ordinary, and vintage jewelry, so you'll see more vintage inspirations soon too!
And I'll get to know how to use this blog a little better too. Any advice? Suggestions? Boy, there's a lot to learn!

Styles continued:

Now the funny thing is (I take all my pieces to my "day job") and everyone I work with likes simple basic jewelry (o.k., can I say BORING?), so I've made some pieces by "requests" of co-workers, that may be more simplistic.

What's my style?

Well, that's a good question. I want to design jewelry that's different for sure. I mean there are so many jewelry artists out there and sometimes I see a lot of the same types of items, so I don't want to be a carbon copy of some other work. Do they still have carbon copies? Maybe my age is showing. Anyway, I do like the eclectic, non-traditional style. I'm currently looking into doing some pieces experimenting with fantasy (fairies and the like), also learing towards cultural references: Buddist, yoga lifestyle, meditation, goddesses celtic. If you have some idea in mind of a piece of jewelry that you would like, I'd be glad to custom design a piece for you. You can check out my etsy store at I've done some large dramatic pieces too.

New Jewrly Artist makes debut

Hello, and welcome to Devine Designs Jewelry. My name is Cindy, the owner and designer of this jewelry venture. How it evolved: I have always been creative and artistic in all my endeavors. I went to beauty school to become a make-up artist, was always involved in arts and crafts, sewing, and for awhile I was designing and selling swimsuits. I am currently a veterinary nurse suffering from burn out and looking for something else that I could do that would free my creativity, inspire me and make money (of course!) So while in Target store one day I happened to skim a couple of beading magazines, bought some stuff, made my first project and.....was "bit by the bead bug". I've decided that this would be fun to do. My first and main love is wire working, but I enjoy stringing beads too; all kinds of beads: vintage, glass, gemstone, crystals, and lampwork. I mainly work with sterling silver, but have taken a liking to copper lately. Ill be posting some pictures this…