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Andi Unexpected~ A teen novel by Amanda Flower

Andi Boggs and her sister, Bethany, go to live with their young, eccentric aunt after the loss of their parents. What follows turns out to be a mystery about another lost family member with the same name as Andi (Andora), from the past, whom no one seems to know about, or wants to talk about. With the help of neighbor, and her new friend, Colin, the two youths are off on a “seek and find” adventure after finding a trunk from the Depression-era hidden in the wall of the attic in Andi’s new home.
This was a fun read for me. I enjoyed the characters, and the story line. It’s not a complicated read; thus being well suited for the teen reader. The story lightly touches on the sisters’ differences, and how they are dealing with the changes going on in their lives, following the loss of their parents.
What I enjoyed most about the story was when Andi and Colin learn about the Great Depression, and how it affected families. A little lesson for the youths of today, perhaps? This is jus…