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Fears and taking the plunge

Money has been on my mind lately. I'm sure this is a subject on many people's minds these days. Fears of not having enough. I took the plunge yesterday and applied to 2 big juried art shows. (Needless to say, big fees as well) But I want to try, and expand my expertise. I guess you can get anywhere without at least trying.
I am also out of almost all my sterling silver, in all wire gauges and need to buy more if I am to create much more jewelry.
Now the scary thing is; can I do all this? Can I afford all this?
As many of you know, I only work part-time right now, and do not have a stash of money to rely upon. I would really like to know how some artists do it.
Are you in the same boat as me? I'd love to hear how you are making your business or craft work for you financially.
~Now, for new listings!
These are now ready and available for new homes!

Sterling silver bangle with coils

Floral barrel earrings with flower dangles

copper wire bracelet with green aventurine