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A Tribute to Rex

We adopted Rex a year ago from the animal shelter with another kitty, since we had the room for 2 more cats. Rex was an old cat, not sure how old, as his history was unknown to the shelter. They said he was at least 10 years old.
I first met Rex at the specialty hospital where I worked last year, when the shelter brought him in to see the "eye specialist" as he had come to the shelter with a ruptured eye. His right eye did need to be removed and the Doctor commented on how good a cat he was, since it had to be painful, and he never cried or was a difficult patient. He was a real sweet kitty.
Rex returned a couple of weeks later to see a specialist in my department, (internal medicine), as the shelter had noticed that he had nasal polyps.
Another anesthetic procedure for Rex. I did not assist with this particular procedure that day, but everyone was raving what a nice cat he was. He would wrap his front legs around your neck as you carried him. The biopsy came back benign, so ba…