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What's new this week

The pros and cons of being busy. Being busy is good. It means I'm accomplishing things and moving forward towards goals. But it also means that I don't have any spare time. I don't have time to do leisurely things; or things I consider leisurely- like reading, enjoying yoga, doing my nails! Anyway, those are just my thoughts. This past week I embarked on a new journey into silversmithing. I am taking a course at our fine arts center with a very gifted and perfectionistic instructor! Our first week was lecture and just learning how to solder a perfect seam, ie: one that you can't see. I'm still learning. We are to make a ring this week.
I've hesitated putting new items in my Etsy shop, since locally, my jewelry is doing well, and I had to take new items to one of the galleries. And they took almost all of my new stuff! This week I have an appointment with another shop I'm in to take some new stuff to also. That kinda sums it up for now. Here's a few photo…