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As promised; Giveaway clarification; New stuff

I wanted to clear up any confusion with my jewelry giveaway. The ad is posted on ETSY GIVEWAYS here:
Which should direct you to visit my ETSY SHOP and comment on your favorite item. You can comment here on my blog or go back to the ETSY GIVEAWAYS site and comment there. Either way your comment will count. Thanks for entering and playing along!
So, as promised I wanted to show you the PMC pendant and charm after oxidation.

And this was before:

You might not see much difference, but there is a slightly darker tone that the liver of sulfur has picked up in the details of the textures in the pendant and charm.

Here's some new items that I finished over the weekend.

And here's an alternate view using my new box:

And here's my "labor of love". The piece that I've been working on for nearly a month, due to the fact that I ran out of bead caps and had to wait for them to arrive in the mail. I call …