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Andi Unstoppable~ A book review

Andi Unstoppable~ by Amanda Flower
Third book in a series, this one once again has Andi Boggs and her best friend Colin Carter set out to solve a mystery. Andi and Colin are partnered with classmate Ava, in a science project to identify birds, especially to find a rarely seen Kirtland’s Warbler. Their search for the birds takes them on an overnight camping trip where they learn about a legend of a ghost that visits the graves of loved ones, who just so happened to be buried in the woods where Andi, Colin, and Ava are camping.
Andi and Colin have more than one mystery to solve. Is there a real ghost? Is someone digging up the graves? Where is Ava disappearing to? What is going on with Andi’s sister Bethany and Ava’s brother?
This is a nice light hearted young adult mystery, much like the Nancy Drew mystery series. I would recommend starting with the first book, “Andi Unexpected”, as it gives a good background story of how Andi and her sister come to live with their aunt, plus, …