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And the Winner is.......

Now wait just a minute here and let me back up a bit. Don't you like the suspense anyway?
So I must say that I did get off the couch yesterday and completed everything that I was procrastinating. Except for the cats. But I did that this morning,; trimming their nails and brushing Rex. He needs to be brushed. He is a long haired cat, and most of the time looks like he just crawled out of the garbage dumpster! Sorry Rex, we love you! And he hates to be brushed! He just growls the whole time. That would figure, wouldn't it?

I just got back from having coffee with a few lady friends of mine and wanted to share this analogy that we were talking about. THE RIPPLE EFFECT: Someone was saying how you have to just pick up that rock and throw it in the pond if you want to see "the ripple effect". Do you want to see change? Help someone out or make a difference in some one's life or community? It won't happen if you do nothing. If you do nothing, you will …