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November's Julep box

Since I have the week off, I have a chance to add another blog post. November's Julep box included: "Gayle" nail polish- a purple cream, Oh, did I mention that all Julep's polishes are named after women? And did I mention that they have pull off tops so that you can swatch the color, and also so that you can attach their "plie' wand" for nail designing. A great concept.

The other color I got this month is called, "Sawyer". It's a bio-chrome brown"ish" color with a green flash of iridescence. Hard to describe. I'm only wearing one coat in this photo.

Next, I got the "Go Big" volumizing mascara. I like the formula of this mascara, but don't get the wand. It's small, making it perfect for the bottom lashes, but doesn't cover the whole upper lash line, and I do prefer a curved wand. Still I do like this mascara.
I have a great "mystery box" to post about coming soon, so stop back for that, a…