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FishFlix~A new review

I was contacted by the company “FishFlix” and asked if I would review one of their DVD’s in all honesty. is a website where you can purchase Christian movies, TV shows, documentaries, and more. They carry family themed movies, as well as, children’s selections, biblical, and love and romance selections.
I was sent a documentary to review, entitled, “Apostle Paul and the earliest churches”. This somewhat short, 48 minute video depicts Apostle Paul’s life and preachings, travels, and ultimate death. The film is narrated over actors and scenery of the areas traveled, (modern Turkey) and not only discusses Paul’s teachings of the Christian Church, but also tells and shows many archaeological sites, ruins, and museum finds.

It is a well filmed DVD, although I found the narration a little bit dry. Of course, this was not a full feature film, but more of a DVD one would expect to see at a Sunday school class- suited for adults or children. You can read more about this s…