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A big, bold necklace

This one's a monster of a beauty! After 12 hours of intensive "labor of love" and heavy metal, I've created this copper and lampwork bead necklace, that all starts with plain straight wire. (See my last post for before photos.)

I make all the "garage" links by coiling the wire by hand.
The copper discs have been textured with a hammer, repeatedly annealed, then I played with the torch to create a unique color patina. I put them together, back to back like clam shells.

Before they can be put togehter, I triple lacquer them, allowing each coat to dry 2 hours in between.

I also made my own bead caps to adorn these gorgeous lampwork beads made by
Ginny Hampton.

I made the toggle clasp the same way, to match the clam shell discs and bead caps.

Then, oxidation, tumble polished, dried, then hand polished two times with protective wax for a finish.
It's a substantial piece!
If you have an interest in owning this necklace, please contact me, as this one may be …