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I hate the summer heat

What can I say? When you live in Florida, you can expect warm or hot weather 365 days a year. And most of it can be quite pleasant. But summertime is NOT my favorite season of the year. Actually I hate this time of the year. It is soooo hot outside. It's already in the 90's here in June, and today for example, the heat index says that it will feel like 104 degrees. It's not just the heat mind you.
I've been in other areas of the country when it's been hot. I was in San Antonio, Texas, a couple of years ago in June, and it was hot. The temperature was probably higher than here, but it was very windy, so at least there was some air going around!
Here, in Florida, it's the humidity that's bad. You can go outside in the morning and it feels like there is no oxygen to breathe.
It's hot everywhere I go. To work: my boss keeps the temperature up high-to about 85 degrees, so in the morning we sweat, trying to get things done and in order to start the day. It take…