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Scoping out local artsy shops

I started out my day today going to local shops that I think might be interested in caring some of my jewelry. Got a couple of business cards from 2 shops that might be interested. The best shops I found were closed on Mondays (figures) One is a artsy-type gallery shop, the other a upscale designer clothing boutique. As I peered through the shops windows, drooling somewhat; I guess I'll have to make a trip on another day to these! There are also 2 metaphysical shops locally that I think might work out. My next step is organizing my portfolio that I've started. It has color photos of everything I've made. I have to write up my bio page to add to it and a copy of my SRAJD logo with my number. I figure it's a good idea to add anything professional ie: organizations, or awards, or shows that I participate in.
My next step will be to call back the shops I liked and ask to set up an appointment with the shop owner. I'll take my portfolio and live products with me to those…