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Anatomy of a necklace

This is my thought process when creating a new piece of jewelry. Usually, I want to start with a focal; whether it be a single bead, or pendant for a simple look, or something larger, that would consist of a theme, pattern of repeating beads, or a set. In this case, I started with a set of beautiful handmade lampwork beads by "Quinlan Glass".
What do they look like? What do they remind me of? These beads have pretty bright, but clear colors, lentil in shape and remind me of hard candies. So, I already know that I want to use all the beads and create an outrageous, rather large piece. With the theme of "candy" being the focus, this necklace will be fun, very expressive, different and unique.
What to embellish the lampwork beads with? Well, I'll have to keep it simple here, as I plan to make larger "statement" type wire wrapped and metal creations in this piece. So not to get too distracted, or take away anything from the beauty of the beads themselves, I…