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Look what was outside this morning

Some kind of moth, I guess, but boy, it is beautiful! It is at least 6 inches across. I just had to run back in the house this morning and grab the camera!
I did go back to Macy's today to get those scarves I mentioned yesterday. Check them out. I think they'll make for a nice interesting and colorful display.

And last night I did make that necklace that I was talking about. These lampwork beads are the creation of Carey of Sassy Stoppers. I bought these so long ago, she probably won't even remember! I'll send her a message shortly!
It's a pretty chain of diamond and circle shapes, with the beads and Karen Hill Tribe leaf design bead caps, and little dangles of gemstones. Not too "far out" as I sometimes tend to be. But it is a real pretty and wearable piece.

And I had some left over lampwork beads from last week's Asian Influence necklace so I made these cute filigree earrings....

And they're real affordable too. Just $10.00. The new pieces are now av…