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Worst show ever

Live and learn. This was to be a 2 day event; I only stayed yesterday. To start off the weather was not on our sides. I was soooo windy. I would rather have rain than the wind. I got to use my new weight bags for this show, but these were not enough.
I even had my husband come back by the opening hour and bring me another 27 lbs. to attach to the middle of the tent to stabilize it.
Two tents blew completely over, papers and brochures were flying everywhere. Tree pollen was all over the tables and jewelry.
I had a nice location to set up my booth, on the corner, in front of a "new age" type of book store, but being on the corner, I caught alot of wind.

I was doing "double duty" also. My friend Carol, who was to share the booth with me, hurt her back and could not come, so I offered to set up all her stuff and sell for her too.
Now this event was suppose to be a "white tent only, juried items only accepted", but turned out that was not the case. This was …