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What I've learned so far

I've been making and selling jewelry for a good 5 years now. And I consider myself a fast learner, and have grown in my designs and style. But the business end is something that has and is taking a much longer time to grasp.
This year so far, this is what I have learned, which is my own personal experience.
Consignment is not making me much money. I realized this when I pulled out of one of my shops. The "split" was too high. Most shops that have consignment work on a 60/40 split; where the artist gets 60% of the sale, and the shop gets 40%. This is o.k. if you're pricing your items correctly in order to make a profit. Others that price any higher, or that you must pay a membership fee, have not worked well for me.

copper feather cuff

I realized that I was always struggling to make and have enough inventory to sell at shows. That included continuing to need to purchase more and more supplies, whether I had the cash flow or not.
Now that I've streamlined how…