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I've been a torchin'

The Ancient World Series

As they sometimes do, my names/titles of my creations usually come after I make something, or sometimes during the process. So I started to make a variety of different copper bracelets with sterling silver. Some are bangles, some cuffs. Both brought to mind ancient times, medieval, goddesses, stuff legends are made from.

What fun to make! I got to do some torching, lots of hammering, used some power tools, and lots and lots of polishing. They are really cool!
I made a couple of larger cuffs for men or unisex.

I made a few bangles just to have a variety available, and to take to the show on Saturday. This one's my favorite.

Well, I still have so much to do to get ready for the show this Saturday, so I must be going now. I start my new job tomorrow!