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Changing my focus

What a hard thing for me to do right now. I feel like an exploding pie chart. (Add your own visual here) What I truely need to focus on is getting more jewelry made for my upcoming shows. I just unexpectly added a local show that will be in 2 weeks, then I have a big show the following weekend. Not to mention 1 per month into early 2013. This unexpected show arrived just in time, since I do need to sell, and this show came with no up front fees, no tent required, is indoors, and has the potential for me to showcase my jewelry in another gallery. It will be at the Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art.

And it is so hard to keep my main focus on doing this when other things are pulling for my attention. Such as looking for another job. I had mentioned that I had my hours cut, and now it seems to be sucking all my time looking for work and applying for jobs, going to interviews, etc. With the economy, and what jobs are out there, it just seems like such a waste of time-but the bills must …