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Homeless at Harvard~ a book review

Homeless at Harvard by John Christopher Frame

John Frame, a student at Harvard University spends 10 weeks living on the streets of Harvard Square in order to get a perspective of homelessness and people who live their lives on the streets. He makes friendships with many, whom show him “the ropes” of homelessness and the homeless community.
Among those he meets and shares their stories are: Chubby John, who offers John a place to sleep, Dane, George, and Neal- who battles alcoholism and poor health, yet a highly spiritual man.
Although John feels like he did nothing to really help the homeless situation during his time on the streets, he does come away with one important lesson that he’s learned; that the homeless are just people like you and me, and only want to be loved and accepted.
I enjoyed reading this book. I learned things about homeless life that I did not know. The closest I’ve ever come to seeing or helping the homeless, was encountering a single person, alone, panhandli…