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Things you should do before applying to an arts and crafts show

These are things that I've learned from personal experience.
*First of all, you should "walk the show" before applying. What I mean is to go to the show the year before you want to "do" the show and check it out yourself.
Try to take note of everything you observe.
~Type of venue/location
~Crowds/how many customers are there
~What type of products are being sold at the show?
~What do the booths look like?
~What does the merchandise look like and how is it priced?

You can always talk to the artists/vendors and ask questions. You won't always get all the answers you want, but it doesn't hurt to ask!

*Research the show
You can always search the show on-line to find out:
~Who puts on this show?
~What are the numbers in attendance in previous years?
~How many years has this show been ongoing?
~Find the show's application, and READ, READ, READ. I say this because you must follow all of the show's rules. Many shows have requirements that m…