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Monday's News

Post show update~ Well I really enjoyed the show that I did yesterday. It was only 4 hours long, and I had a space indoors, nice and cool. The people were all nice, friendly, and the show well organized. I did have a few sales and that was good! I even had a custom order for earrings which I worked on today and are now tumbling to finish.

My indoor space (booth)

a closer look

Looking to outside earlier at set up

a look outside


So it came to me how easy it is for me to sell my jewelry in person. And how difficult it is to sell on-line. Everyone who sees my jewelry always raves and can't believe some of the work that I create. It's so hard to portray that in a photo. People love to see things in person, try them on, hold them up to the light, and see the beauty of the stones etc.
Then I took a look at all the fees required to keep up an on-line shop. The listing fees, the selling fees, the time put into photographing, listing, etc. I just don't know. I'm looking some…