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Finishing touches for the show tomorrow

So I'm about to go pack my car for the show tomorrow. I'm glad we are indoors as it has been raining and is chilly here in Florida, which we are not used to. I'm hoping (and praying) for a great turnout, with large crowds and that all the vendors have a profitable day.
We are competing with a big juried art show just down the street, which BTW is outdoors, so I hope everyone is in place and have their "ducks in a row" for advertising opportunities to get more people over to our show.
I just finished 4 scarf pins to add to my stock and bring to tomorrow's show. If you see any you like, check back in a few days, as they will be added to my Etsy shop if I do not sell them tomorrow.

"A single spiral pin"

"Bali beads and coils" (my fav.)

"Polymer clay" pin

"Golden Mandala pin"

So that's it for now. BTW: does anyone know what happened to my "follower's box" or how I can fix it to appear? ~showing my computer illite…