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You've got to spend money, to make money

I'll consider this part one in this series on making changes in your business. To see my last post, go here.
One of the things I decided to spend money on this year is education and marketing. Very important to educate yourself about marketing. What I'm learning is that it is best to try to have a 50/50 split in the time I spend making jewelry and marketing my jewelry. (This formula is what seems to be the best for me at this point in my business, and may not be right for you.) And what I would suggest is to take some classes, read some books or sign up for a free small business counseling session with SCORE in your area. SCORE is a national non-profit organization of business professionals who donate their time to help people with their businesses. You can find SCORE help in your area here.

What I have done, and am glad I did, was to purchase some classes on Creative Live. They offer so many classes on so many topics from craft to business; it's well worth the in…