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Playing with fire; 4 new earring pairs

Thursday: My time really flies by! What I was working on over the past weekend was "playing" with my new propane torch. Working with it, learning to forge some metals, and make some cute colored "red" copper head pins. The propane torch gives me a hotter temperature than a micro- torch that I sometimes use, but nothing like a acetylene/oxygen torch that a full metalsmith would use. I'm trying new techniques within my budget. Some of my projects over the weekend, did not work out as planned, so back to the drawing board, or soldering block, I should say!
Anyway, here's a look at 4 new pairs of earrings soon to be added to my Etsy shop. This first pair, I used the copper head pins that I made with that interesting red (or pinkish) head that you can achieve with the torch.

They're an ethnic style pair of wire wrapped lampwork discs, Bali copper beads, and faceted citrine.

This next pair, I'm calling "Zanzibar" have gorgeous artisan lampwork diam…