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Speaking truth

I can't believe it's been a week since my last post; boy, it is getting harder to keep up with this blog thing. You know, all this social networking: post to Facebook; add new items in my Etsy shop; post to Flickr; keep up with all the groups I belong to. And to what do I have to show for all this commitment? O.k., so I do have some followers, a few that read my blog; a few that look at my work, but quite honestly, it's getting me nowhere! I must back up and say that I have met a bunch of nice people on-line, and have learned much of the "ins and outs" of many topics, but, now get this: the main reason for all this blogging is to get EXPOSURE OF MY JEWELRY AND JEWELRY BUYING CUSTOMERS. I might sound a little harsh today, I know. I have taken most of the recommendations of "seasoned" other/professionals and yet to no avail, do not see much happening.
Time is of essence to me right now. I'm frustrated with my day job, my lack of jewelry sales, as I'…