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2010~The year in review~

Looking back, it has been a year of ups and downs. I'm sure many will agree with me. It's been difficult financially, while working part-time and trying to build a jewelry business in a poor economy. This year has been filled with many emotional difficulties, and a few relationship issues too. I now realize that I did not journal as much as I had liked to. It is so therapeutic! I actually go my calendar off the wall to look back on events from the past year.
Speaking of my jewelry business; it has been a year of learning and growth. I've managed to get my jewelry into 3 local retail locations; 2 of which have prospered this year. I've discovered new venues to showcase my work, and took part in more arts and crafts shows this year than I originally thought I could manage to do. It is good to push yourself sometimes, just to see how much you can accomplish.
~Things I've learned~
No matter how much networking you do on-line with your product line, it is much easier to se…