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Thoughts on blogging

I've been blogging for some time now, (well over a year, if not 2), and have been following many blogs for that amount of time also. I've noticed that after about a year some bloggers either stop blogging, or the amount of posts decrease from daily, to weekly, to monthly, then no posts for months.
Why does this occur? Do we get bored with blogging? Do we run out of things to say or write about?
I guess if one has a background in writing, a blogger could potentially continue to find topics about which to write about.
I find it curious, to me at least, why some folks stop blogging, especially if their followers are increasing, and their readers are increasing. I've noticed this in a couple of blogs that I followed.
What I see that seems to work for some, is a repeated weekly post on some topic or the other. For example, some have specific days that they: run a contest, do a tutorial, have group topics to post on (blog carnivals), interview other artisans, post recipes, or book r…