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So,it's official. I decided to quit one of my 2 P/T jobs, keeping my main one in veterinary medicine. It just became way too much to keep up with, especially with the fall show season coming, and I really need to work on creating enough inventory for all the shows I will be doing. BTW: I got into another show; found out this week, so November and December will prove to be busy months for me.
Yesterday I went to my first PAVA meeting.
I'm glad I joined this artist's group and wish I would have done it sooner. It's a great way to get involved with other artists, support and promote each other, and learn more about being an artist, PR, get news on events and shows, etc. I think I will learn much and hopefully grow my business as well.

Here's some eye candy. Just a few new listings in my Etsy shop, now available for new homes!
Brass cuff- large

Brass cuff- pink

Door knocker style earrings