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My scale lies

I've kinda given up on the whole dieting thing. I've been (gently) trying to watch what I eat, not overeat, or keep too many bad snack foods in the house. Even though I have an enormous sweet tooth.
I continue to weigh myself once a week, same day, same time. One week, the scale told me, I lost about another 10 pounds. How can this be, I wondered. I mean I usually flucuate a few pounds but this much? So I try again, and the scale goes crazy, giving me all sorts of different numbers. I ask my husband if he's been weighing himself.
"yes", his weight is acurate. Weird.
Then the next week, I'm up again. Then, about 2 weeks ago, I had a doctor's appointment and, the truth comes out, I've gained back 10 pounds of the weight that I previously lost.
It is just too hard. My experience with Weight Watcher's has proven to be very difficult. I was hungry all the time. I didn't like the foods I had to eat, and it seemed very restrictive; thi…