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I feel the urge

I feel the urge to blog today, reach out, connect with others via the Internet. I didn't post much last week, even though I did make a few new pieces of jewelry, I never got around to posting them in my Etsy shop. What I have been doing though is reading others' blogs and commenting on them! So, I'm overdue for a post myself.
Here's what I've been doing (other than reading blogs) this week: I did some research about getting a paypal/buy it now button on my blog. I had the intention of posting my new items here first, before adding them to my Etsy shop, as a convenience to customers, and to offer a percentage off if bought directly from my blog. Well, my initial idea was good, but when I checked it out, it seemed to be more of a pain, and a lot more computer work for me to do than it is worth. For one thing, I would have to list each item individually, and create a paypal button for EACH item I list. Which means every week when I post new items, each item would have…