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Week 1 weigh in

I've been trying to eat the "Weight Watchers" way all week, and have been hungry too. I'm continuing to exercise vigorously 3 times a week. So, it came my first week's weigh in; and guess what? I gained 1.6 lbs! Well, this really helps my attitude. Now I could blame this on the pants I was wearing that day; they were heavier, but I had alot of business running around to do that day, and had to wear nice pants. (I'm not going to wear the same out fit each week that I go and weigh in)
But, I must say, it is difficult to follow the system unless you buy the extra "starter kit" or something, because I really didn't have much access to calculate my points for this week. I did buy the new calculator, (which was on sale for 1/2 price) and this should help some.
What gets me is this; I've eaten the same breakfast (whole grain English muffin, piece of Canadian bacon, and Egg Beaters) that used to be 4 points, now is 7 points.
How is this an imp…