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What's new today

Right now it's 11:50 pm. and I can't believe that I'm up this late (for me) making jewelry, taking pictures and posting this blog. What can I say? When I get on a roll, I just have to finish the projects while they're fresh in my mind and I feel inspired to do them. I am hoping to get these new items posted in my Etsy shop tonight. We'll see.
The first piece is called "Pretty in Pink". I've had these pink lampwork beads for some time now; sometimes it seems like I just get tired of looking at the same beads sitting around and finally I say to myself, "o.k. they have to go somewhere now", "gotta make something with them", because I'm ALWAYS seeing new beads that I want to buy. Not only do I love making jewelry, but love buying it too! Which reminds me of a few items I'd like to get from Lisa; see But I'm trying to fight the temptation! Back to Pretty in Pink. I have so much Vintaj brass, I thought I…