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Sinner's Creed~ a book review

Scott Stapp~ SINNER’S CREED~ A Memoir

A true life story of spirituality, recovery, and the crazy world of rock and roll, as told and lived by Scott Stapp, lead singer of the band Creed. One man’s journey from his childhood, living under the rule of a religious fanatic/hypocrite father figure to major stardom, wealth, superstar status, and all that goes along with it. Scott is honest and open as he shares his upbringing, as a youth, teen years, and college days where there is much turmoil within his family. He shares how he met the guys, who would become members of Creed. He takes the reader on a wild ride into the sometimes dark and overwhelming world of rock and roll and the toll it can take on one’s personal life. Struggling with his own personal beliefs as a Christian along the way, he struggles inside; which leads to drug and alcohol abuse, but there is light and the end of the tunnel.
The book offers a section of personal photos, as well as concert photos; giving a brief p…