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New eye cream from Valentia

From Valentia: True Glow Eye Cream

I received a bottle of this product compliments of Valentia in exchange for my honest review of the product.
The True Glow Eye Cream is an "intense corrective eye treatment" that claims to:
*reduce wrinkles
*hydrate the skin
*tighten the eye area
*brighten dark circles
*restore radiance
The featured ingredients to support their claims are:
Astanxanthin (an antioxidant) that is said to increase moisture levels and smooth fine lines and wrinkles;
Resistem (plant stem cells)that repair and protect the skin from aging;
Vitamin C- to help with brightening;
Organic rose hip oil-another for hydration; and
Amica-an anti-inflammatory agent. Plus many other nourishing ingredients. The list is quite long on the packaging. That is if you can read the packaging. My complaint with it's packaging is that most of it is in such fine print, it is difficult to read.
The product comes in a 1.…