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Book Review~ A year with God

A year with God by R.P. Nettelhorst

This 365 day reader is suppose to help one find a personal relationship with God, through His Own words as written in the Old Testament. Each day’s quotation is followed by a reflection and explanation by the author.
If you are looking to read and explore the Old Testament, than you might enjoy this read. There is no mention of Jesus or Christianity whatsoever. The book has more of a “fire and brimstone” attitude, which is, I guess, much of what is entailed in the Old Testament. I am not an authority of the Bible’s Old Testament.
In the table of contents, you will find the sections cohesively presented; although, for myself, I did not feel that many of the individual days readings fit into the categories, or presented a strong message. Many times I felt puzzled. I did not fully understand why the author chose certain topics or how he came about his insights of understanding. I am sorry to say, I got quite bored.
Maybe a Bible scholar would get more from…