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Constantly Craving, by Marilyn Meberg

“How to make sense of always wanting more”
In this book, author Marilyn Meberg offers explanation about why people crave more out of life. She breaks down these cravings into categories such as: craving more from marriage, friendships, happiness, the meaning to life and other topics that lead to the ultimate quest to finding God’s purpose for our lives and heaven itself. This could all be summarized into one page; particularly, page 123 which basically says, we cannot find joy, happiness, and our purpose outside of ourselves; our purpose here on earth should be to live to help others and to love others.
I have read many books on this topic, so this was not new, eye opening material to me. I found it a long way to go (222 pages), to say something that has already been said many times. Each chapter seemed to be filled with personal stories that were meant to relate to the topic of the chapter, but for me, they were dry, and left me bored. Something I desired to read was lacking.