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Setting Goals

One of our choices this month for a writing topic (for Etsy Blogger's Team) is about goals, long or short term. And what a topic it is. Sometimes I just struggle with these posts! Do I write fluff off the top of my head, or do I dig deep and write about some life long dream of mine, opening up my soul a bit for the onlooker who may be stopping by. Well, I have to tell ya, It's taken me all week to think about this one! And think some more! I read over some of my teammates blog posts to get an idea of what others are doing, just to get a feel for it. So here's what I came up with.
My Jewelry Business Goals
Now as much as I've read, and write about, and research this subject, I never really have put down on paper a true list of goals in a time or formal setting. This will actually be my first! And for the world to see! Oh my! I mean I do make lists. I make daily lists of projects I want to work on that day, or projects to finish, and right now I have piles of little sheets…