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Life's Lessons

Have you ever been soooo busy, work obsessed, over-achieving to no end? Sometimes you've got to take a step back; search....look for what's really important in your life. I've had a couple of weeks like this, where the only way to describe it is a "revolution" in my life. Sometimes you need to be hit over the head with something to realize what's really going on.

So I did have my "wake-up" call from the universe and realized what I had to do. I'm so glad that I've finally had the desire to sit here and write this blog. I've done some soul searching, slowing down to what really matters here. I lost my desire to create anything lately, but good news and healing are on their way.

So trying to get back to feeling creative, I went to a bead show yesterday and bought a new bead stash!

See anything you like?
Well to end this post on a good note, I'm adding a picture of me and my hubby (Benn) from our trip to Las Vegas. Here we are in Red Rock C…