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How many ways can you prepare a chicken breast?

Boneless, skinless chicken breasts. Alone, kind of boring. With February being Heart Health Month, I thought I'd share some ways to take a plain ol' piece of protein and throw together some healthy additions to make tasty creations.
A variety of salads to add to your skinless, boneless chicken breast!
Southwest style grilled chicken salad~
Mediterranean salad~
Cranberry Walnut chicken salad~
All of these salads start with a grilled chicken breast. You can use any type of greens you like for the base of the salad. For instance, I like to use a romaine or field greens mix.

There's a great guide to salad greens, click here.

Now for the southwest salad you can add corn, tomatoes, fresh avocado (a small amount, since it is high in fat, but also good for you), black beans, onions, and for a healthy dressing I would use fresh salsa. O.k, use canned if you're so inclined.

For the Mediterranean salad, I like to add, black olives, cucumber, ripe tomatoes, red onion, feta cheese, (a low …