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The Christmas Note~A novel by Donna VanLiere

A delightfully warm read about 2 neighbors and how their worlds collide. Gretchen, the new neighbor, who moves next door to Melissa, she tries to befriend Melissa, whom seems not very friendly at all.
Gretchen has two small children, and if a husband, we do not know in the early stages of the story. Melissa, we don’t know much about, except she’s always working, and when she comes home she hurries to shut the garage door behind her.
The story leads the reader, from chapter to chapter from the point of view of each of the two main characters, giving the reader introspective into each character’s thoughts and feelings.
We learn about Gretchen’s new life, in a new town, where she is close to her mother’s home. We also learn about Melissa, her struggles, personal issues, and just why she doesn’t want to get close to other people.
A tragedy unites the two, and they find themselves getting closer and closer. The story is set during the holiday season, which just adds appeal for the reade…