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Educating the Customer~Part 2

In an ongoing attempt to help the general public and jewelry buying customers just what you'll get from artisan made jewelry.
Let's talk hand tools.

This is a part of my arsenal of hand tools. Each one has a different function and produces a different effect. Let's look at one of my favorite pliers made by Lindstrom.
Lindstrom chain nose pliers

Lindstrom are some of the best made high performance hand tools. This particular pair are from the ergonomics series. Built to last and made for hand comfort. Now of course tools do not last forever. They need to be repaired, replaced, sharpened, etc. This particular pair cost me $48.00. Now just add up all those pliers in my cases! ~Note, while I do like high quality tools and supplies, I do shop around for the best prices. Now let's take a look at my hammer collection.

And again, each has it's own purpose in creating the jewelry that I make. Some of these were not as costly as others, but you will achieve the best results work…