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Many people fear change. Whether it be changing a job, a home, a new car, or a new habit. We like to get comfortable and set in our ways. I read somewhere that a person will change jobs or professions at least 3 times in a lifetime.
I believe change is good. Change is growth. Change is learning new things. Now I'm not saying that change is easy. Sometimes I struggle to change a situation too.
But I do have a motto that I like to live by. I try to learn something new everyday. I feel that there is no growth unless I see, hear, or learn something each and everyday. It does not have to be profound, or a life shaking event. Maybe it is just seeing a new flower or bird that I've never noticed in my area before. Maybe it's learning a new word. Maybe it's discovering a street or neighborhood that I never knew existed. It could be learning a new jewelry technique, or craft or new exercise. It even could be just doing a cross-word puzzle! (We must exercise our brains, just like w…