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Two products NOT to try

You might not always get a sample of a product that you like. Here are two that I not only didn't like, but were surprised by, since they are from quality cosmetic lines.

Tarte-lip surgence: Presented as a "lip gloss" product. It claims to be a "pigmented tint", that is moisturizing and non-sticky. The ingredients claim to be vitamin E and jojoba seed oil. It claims to be vanilla flavored.
First of all my major complaint is that the product is heavy and sticky. There is no vanilla flavor. It tastes like petroleum jelly! Yuck. Tarte offers a lot of other fine products, but this isn't one of them.

Clarins~A luxury line of skin care products from France with a long history of fine products based on plant extracts. I have to admit that this was one of the first luxury lines I tried many years ago. Clarins makes fine skin care and body products. I love the light fragrance of the natural extracts used in their skin care. So where did they go wrong with thi…