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much needed rest and self-care

I didn't have to work too many hours this week, which allowed me time to "take care of myself". I believe self-care and nourishment is just as important as working, eating right, and getting enough sleep.
So on Wednesday, I took advantage of my time, got up early as I usually do, and did yoga, meditation, and some spiritual reading. I took time for myself, connected with some friends and enjoyed myself.
I've been putting some last minute touches to some earrings, in hopes of having more jewelry to take to the Christmas Under the Oaks show this Sunday. I do have about 10 new pieces complete; mostly earrings, and a few necklaces- pendant necklaces with lampwork glass beads and rivets. I was hoping to take a few photos to show, but time is not working with me. If they don't sell this weekend ,I'll be taking pictures and adding them to my Etsy shop next week.
I am truly grateful to have the time off this week, although I could have used the cash. Well, with the hol…