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What do customers want? Survey Results

As promised, I'm back with the results of my surprisingly easy 7 question simple survey, where I asked questions about arts shows, shopping on-line and in galleries and boutiques, from the customer's perspective. But before I go into the results, what I did find interesting, is that it was a simple 7 questions, to which I had only 30 respondents, but over 100 views of the survey on my blog. Ah hum.

The results:
I wanted to know what draws people into an artist's booth. The number one response was a high quality DISPLAY set up. I found that very interesting.
I asked why people take business cards at shows (and walk away/not make a purchase) and 70% said to shop at a later date. Not to come back to your booth later. This surprised me.

I asked whether or not having an artist's bio card with a purchase made a difference to the buyer/customer. I got a 60/40 split on this one. 60% said, "yes, they like to read about…