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Open house, photography woes, and soap

I'm preparing for my upcoming jewelry open house. I've read in many articles that say some jewelry designers will make a large percentage of their sales for the year during this kind of event. So with the holiday season upon us, I decided to do my first open house. Lot's of preparations: cleaning, tagging all my jewelry, doing a pre-set up of the table, etc. I'm decorating with Christmas in mind; hopefully to get everyone in a festive mood. I've invited around 160 people, sent 100 post cards out, and will prepare finger foods, hot and cold snacks. I'm having it on Saturday afternoon for a period of 4 hours. If anyone will be in the Tampa Bay area and would like to stop by, please email me, and I'll give you the address and directions.
My photography woes... sometimes I think my camera has a mind of it's own. I mentioned my struggles taking good photos the other day, so I revisited my new pieces and like the results better. You can see at the sidebar (of …