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Basic training and Boot camp

This temp job is kicking my butt! It is soooo hard to return to work after being off 10 months! Not to mention that I'm over 40, and out of shape. But, I'm getting a culinary experience and education at that.
I thought about going to culinary school, or look into catering as a profession last year, so I would apply for work such as this. Well, I found out that culinary school would cost about $10,000. and I already did the college thing, the loan thing, the debt thing. But what I'm doing now is basically getting a free education with on the job training. So the money really sucks, or should I say almost void; but I am enjoying what I'm doing.
The first week, I thought I would die! I haven't worked full time in like 8 years! I have always stood on my feet in previous jobs, but let me tell you, my feet hurt so much, I could hardly walk! And I thought I wouldn't be lifting things, but baking trays, boxes of frozen food, etc-----hey this stuff is heavy, so now my bac…